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History of Onslow Schools
Written and Submitted by Boyd Wasson
Onslow High School Graduate

List of Onslow High School Graduates

[space]Grace Maple
25 years, 1890-1915
[space]Miss Estelle McCune
23 years
[space]Miss Matie
Johanna Harms

42 years, twenty-two in rural schools and twenty years in Onslow and Midland, 1944-1964, when she retired
[space]Mrs. Mabel
Streeper Gearhart

44 years, four years in Madison Village District near Center junction, forty years in Wyoming, Onslow, and Midland until she retired in May, 1970
[space]Mrs. Mildred
Streeper Dreibelbis

45 years, four years in rural schools, 41 years in Onslow and Midland beginning in 1929 and retiring in 1971
[space]Walter Wagner
served Onslow as superintendent for ten years
[space]Mrs. Ava
Streeper Bramer

was secretary to the Onslow School Board for fifteen years

[space]Howard Hall, a former resident of Onslow and Cedar Rapids, is the donor of a scholarship to high school graduates of Onslow since 1952 called the Grace Maple Award, because of his great admiration and respect for his first teacher. From 1952 through 1960, this scholarship was given to the senior of the graduating class with the highest scholastic rank of the Onslow seniors. After the Onslow school became a part of the Midland District in 1960, this scholarship has been administered through the Onslow Presbyterian Church. Since that time it has been presented to the senior of the graduating class who is a member of our First Presbyterian Church and has the highest scholastic rank of the Onslow area seniors.
[space]Graduates receiving the Grace Maple Scholarship Awards:
[space]1952 Kathleen Moran
[space]1953 Warner Wasson and Janet Wagner
[space]1954 Carol Stickley
[space]1955 James Chaplin
[space]1957 Alice Larkey
[space]1958 Leland Hodoval
[space]1959 Robert Holst
[space]1960 Leland Haring
[space]This was the last class to graduate from Onslow High School.

Education has always received attention and been a great concern to the people in Onslow. When the town began in 1871 the children of school age were given instruction in "readin, 'ritin, and 'rithmetic."

The first school taught in Onslow was not a public school, but a very select or private one taught by Miss Addie Walters of Clay Mills, during the fall and winter terms. She would be a great aunt to Bill Walters, head of Walters Lumber Company, formerly Kennedy Lumber Company of Wyoming. She was paid for her services by the parents of the pupils whom she taught.

The first public school was taught in the spring of 1872, by Miss Sadie Doxsee, in a building located at 301 Summit Street, now incorporated as part of that residence. At that time the school district was a part of the sub-district No. 3 of Wyoming Township. At an election held June 13, 1874, the Independent District of Onslow was organized. Then, by vote of the electors, at an election held on July 3, 1874, the consolidation of the Onslow school district was completed. The school was started by the erection of one room and located on the ground just southwest of the residence at 102 Second Street. (On the southwest corner of 2nd Street and Anamosa Avenue.) In 1878 a second room was added and from this date two teachers were required to properly instruct the children in the fundamentals of education.

Later, part of the school was used as a barn and was torn down in 1946. The other part was moved, used as a residence, and eventually torn down with the lumber being used in constructing another residence.

A modern two story frame building was constructed in 1898. A third teacher was added to their faculty. Provision was made for four rooms to make allowance for increased enrollment and another teacher could be added without delay.

In 1890, Onslow had its first graduation class of eleven members. According to previous records the next commencement was held in 1900 with students completing the eleventh grade. In 1911, the twelfth grade was added with Mr. B. S. Moyle as superintendent teaching all four grades.

Graduation exercises were held in the IOOF Hall until 1918. From 1918 until 1925 students were required to go a high school of their choice to finish the twelfth grade and receive diplomas. Some went to Wyoming, Monticello, Anamosa, Maquoketa, or elsewhere. Again in 1926 till 1960 commencement exercises were held in Onslow. Music was added in 1929. Horse drawn school buses were used to transport students to and from school.

About 1920, the rural district of Defiance Hill consolidated with Onslow. About the same time the south upstairs room was finished for use as an assembly and classroom. Domestic science and manual training were added as elective subjects and athletics, a special activity. Baseball was enjoyed and basketball was played on an outdoor court after the four o'clock dismissal. Indoor basketball games were played in different buildings around town. Bonds of $36,000 were voted and passed in 1936 to erect a new building, then this one was torn down.

In 1936, a new building replaced the 1898 building at a cost of $24,000. It was a P.W.A. project. This consisted of a home economics room and manual training room in the basement. Grades were housed on the first floor and high school on the second floor. We were also privileged to have a school gym for the first time and inside modern rest rooms.

In 1957, a one story addition was extended to the south at a cost of $53,000. It has been used for elementary grade purposes. After reorganizationin 1960, the north part has been used as a Junior High Center. At that time the high school was moved

to the Wyoming building and the Onslow Independent District became part of the Midland Community District. This district included Center Junction, Onslow, and Wyoming in 1960. In 1963, Monmouth voted to join Midland. The Midland name was selected as it identified the Midland Branch of the Northwestern Railroad that had formerly served the area.

The last rural school to close in Jones County was the Spencerville District in 1966-1967. This district then became a part of the Midland District. Hazel Bearinger had been the teacher for twenty-two years. With the closing of this district Miss Bearinger then became the second grade teacher in the Onslow center of the Midland District.

Onslow School Superintendents
1888 - 1889[space]J. J. Billingsly
1889 - 1890[space]J. D. Hullinger
1890 - 1891[space]J. M. Davis
1891 - 1892[space]F. E. Felenocker
1892 - 1893[space]A. L. Franklin
1893 - 1894[space]J. C. Magee &
[space]John E. Cameron
1894 - 1895[space]A. W. Albertson
1895 - 1896[space]Dan R. Perkins
1896 - 1897[space]Fred Williams
1897 - 1898[space]W. C. Cummings
1898 - 1899[space]L. Buchanan
1899 - 1903[space]C. D. Walrod
1903 - 1905[space]Frank Fowlie
1905 - 1906[space]Hugh Mossman
1906 - 1907[space]R. W. Fellows
1907 - 1908[space]C. E. Williams
1908 - 1909[space]G. W. Dunham
1908 - 1911[space]B. S. Moyle
1911 - 1912[space]Mr. Evans
[space]1912 - 1914[space]Ruth Spooner
1914 - 1915[space]Earl T. Crane
1915 - 1916[space]Mr. Keyes
1916 - 1917[space]T. Lyle Joseph
1917 - 1918[space]Ralph Bone
1918 - 1919[space]Mr. Foster
1919 - 1920[space]Glenn Bailey
1920 - 1922[space]Guy Stutzman
1922 - 1924[space]Ethel Koon
1924 - 1928[space]Mr. Bowser
1928 - 1929[space]H. E. Irons
1929 - 1934[space]J. M. Macualay
1934 - 1936[space]Ralph Collister
1936 - 1937[space]Keith Lemon
1937 - 1943[space]Arthur F. Pottle
1943 - 1946[space]Wilson Briggs
1946 - 1956[space]Walter Wagner
1956 - 1957[space]E. A. Heland
1957 - 1960[space]Ralph Rogers
The Onslow School District was consolidated into the Midland School District beginning with the 1961 school year.

Onslow High School Songs
[space]Loyalty Song
[space]We're loyal to you, Onslow High
We're scarlet and black, Onslow High
We back you to stand
'gainst the best in the land
For we know you have sand, Onslow High Rah! Rah!
[space]So on to the front, Onslow High
For that is your stunt, Onslow High
Our team is our fame protector
On boys; for we expect a victory from you, Onslow High!!!
[space][space]Last but not least...this song was sung with gusto and raucous delight at pep rallies before important basketball games. The teachers and superintendent would watch with a bemused look on their faces. Nowadays, this song would not be permitted in the school!!!
[space]Beer, Beer, For OHS
[space]Beer, Beer for old Onslow High
Shake up the cocktails, bring on the rye,
Send some sophomore out for gin
And don't let a sober teacher in . . .
Oh, we never stagger, we never fall,
We sober up on wood alcohol
Loyal sons of OHS go staggering to the bar for more Rah! Rah!

[space]So much for the civilizing effect of education!


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