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Wyoming High School
Class of 1909

Commencement Program
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1909 photo post card of the Wyoming High School graduating class submitted by John Kahl. John Kahl's grandmother, M. Olive Haddock, was a member of the class and gave one of the orations. There are two girls who look like Olive. She had very bad eye sight and wore glasses, but in most pictures she has taken them off. John thinks the young women outlined in red is Olive. If not her, it is the one outlined in green, who is wearing glasses and looks like Olive when she was younger.

Sharon Lindbloom has identified Ruth Viola Alden as the young lady seated at the far right of the first row. She is wearing a black dress and a locket. Ruth is listed in the commencement program as giving the Valedictorian the speech "The Goal."

Olive and some friends are pictured to the left and below are names from an invitation she received to attend a reunion in 1913. Can you identify any of the other graduates in this photo? Help with the transcription? Names, transcribed from the post card below are: Jennie Thompson, P. E. Levsen, Ruth Alden, Marguerite Wilker, Johnnie Holub, Peter Jansen, Sudah Cohoon, Adah Ames, N. M. Hogeboom, Louis J. M. Koch, May Statler, Irene Brownell, Marie Wherry, Herman Erickson.

Thanks to Sue Ballou Lieske for help deciphering these names. She says, "John Holub was my grandmother's younger brother. I saw him only a few times. He was always just Uncle John. I think he's the man at the far right in the picture. I'm rather disgusted that I can't pick out Paul Levsen!"

Betty J. Remley of Anamosa identified her parents, Paul Levsen and Suda(h) Cohoon. Paul Levsen is on the far left, back row and Suda(h) Cohoon Levsen is in the middle of the first row (hands folded). May Statler Myers Reynolds is next to Paul in the back row. (We are not sure about May's last names.) Louis (Louie) J. M. Koch is the man in the middle of the photo. In the front row, Marguerite Wilker Johnson is on the far left and Ruth Alden is on the far right. John (Johnnie) Holub is on the right between the two women.

Betty added that there were several college graduates in the class. Paul Levsen was graduated from Iowa State, Ames; Sudah Cohoon from State Teacher's College in Cedar Falls, Iowa; May from University of Wisconsin with a doctorate in Nutrition; and Marguerite from Columbia University in New York in Child Psychology with a Ph.D. Ruth Alden taught in Denver.


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