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Wyoming High School
Class of 1911
Abbye Faurot has submitted thse photos of the 1911 Wyoming High School Graduating Class and their 50th Reunion in 1961. She says, "The female student at the right end of the front row is my mother-in-law, Nina Phelps Faurot. The second picture is a reunion of six members of the same class taken in 1961, with Nina Phelps Faurot in the center of the picture. Nina was born July 14, 1893 and died in September, 1969. She is survived by her only son, Billy K. Faurot, who is my husband. He is 86 years old."

Can anyone identify the others in these photos?
Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom writes: "I had my niece, Andrea Hunter, go to the Wyoming Museum where the pictures of the graduating class are kept. Robert Alden, who graduated with that class, is my great uncle. I've another cousin who lives in the Wyoming area and will see if he can identify the others in the 50-year reunion picture."

Back row, left to right: Clifford Iosty, August Thomsen, Otto Rohwedder, Robert Alden.
Front row, left to right: Florence Baughn, Stanley Green, Alice Kirkpatrick, Horace Smith, Nina Phelps.

Left to right: August Thomsen, unidentified, Nina Phelps Faurot, Otto Rohwedder(?), and Robert Alden.


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