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Wayne #5, 1961

In a race to squeeze everybody out of the local country schools, we went through a combining of grades into the better school houses. So when we got the point of making it to the town schools we wouldn't be completely lost and would potentially know somebody, I guess. So when Lovel #6 shut its doors for the last time, I was bussed to Wayne #5.
Steve Hanken

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Top row: Doug Jacobs, Byron Freese, Linda Hoyer, Jorja First, Brenda Smith, Steve Hanken, Harlan Hanken, David Bohlken, Debra(?) Streeper

Second row: Sandra Shafer, Kevin Zirkelbach, Richard Wolken, Aaron Tobiason, _____ Zirkelbach, Zana Herren, Cindy Buol, _____ Freese, _____ _____

Third row: Hazel Reade, Nancy Folkers, Charlotte Tobiason, Connie Picray

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