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[Anamosa Homes]
Take a home tour of Anamosa via these photos. Unless otherwise noted, they were taken by D. W. Ellis and are included in the book Picturesque Anamosa, compiled and published by W. Leon Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ca. 1900. [an error occurred while processing this directive] kindly allowed me to scan her copy of the book. Click on any photo for an enlargement. Photos from Souvenir Album of Anamosa, Iowa¬óSummer of 1891, published by C. E. Littlefield and F. A. Roehl, were submitted by [an error occurred while processing this directive].

If anyone has information about when any of these houses was built or when Mr. Ellis was working in Anamosa, please send it in. It will help pin down the exact publication date of the book. Addresses would be nice, too, as well as current photos of any of the homes still standing.


[Adair] Dr. L. J. Adair
[Anderson] C. H. Anderson
[Atkinson] E. L. Atkinson
[Blackmarr] R. S. Blackmar
From Souvenir Album
[Booth] T. E. Booth
[Dunklee] F. S. Dunklee
From Souvenir Album
[Ellis] D. W. Ellis
Photographer for Picturesque Anamosa.
[Ellis Studio] Ellis Studio
[ercanbrack] T. R. Ercanbrack
[Shapley] T. W. Shapley
[Fisher] F. Fisher
[Gordon] W. P. Gordon
From Souvenir Album
Drs. Nettie G.
& R. H. Gray

[Hedgin] Dr. W. Hedgin
From Souvenir Album
[Hejinian] Dr. A. G. Hejinian
From Souvenir of Anamosa, 1907, and provided by [an error occurred while processing this directive].
[Lister] Holister
[Holt] E. C. Holt [Hubbel] C. M. Hubbel [Keefe] M. Keefe [Kenyon] M. B. Kenyon
[Lull] C. H. Lull
[McCarn] Judge D. M. McCarn
"Judge McCarn's house is located at 106 West Webster. Owners since 1969 are Harvey and Dianna De Sotel. We are the third owners. The house looks much the same as when the picture was taken. We have a few oil paintings done by Mrs. McCarn and old books belonging to both." [an error occurred while processing this directive]
[McIntire] Mrs. Ada McIntire [Millard] C. S. Milliard
[Niles] C. L. Niles
[Niles] H. E. M. Niles
[Perfect] J. S. Perfect
From Souvenir Album
[Sigworth] D. B. Sigworth
"The D. B. Sigworth house is the house I own and live in at 112 South Sales Street. The horse barn is still there. Walter Waggoner bought the house in 1903 from D. B. Sigworth. Then in 1910, my great-great-grandfather Charles Barnhart Waggoner his and wife Mary (May) bought it from Walter (their son) and retired from their farm in Jackson Twp. It stayed in the family until March 1922, when Ruth Waggoner (their daughter) sold it to Sheriff W. A. Hogan. I bought the house in 1991 and have been working at restoring it." [an error occurred while processing this directive]
[Remley] H. M. Remley
"The Remley house was torn down years ago. There was a long, long fight over the estate. For all that time the house was shut up and everything was left in place. It was finally sold in the 1960s, if memory serves me correctly. The house was in bad shape and the contents sold at auction." [an error occurred while processing this directive]
Dr. M. P. Sigworth
W. T. Shaw
The Shaw house, 509 S. Oak Street, is currently a bed and breakfast. The three-story Italianate mansion was built in 1872 and is listed on the National Historic Register. Its hilltop location gives Shaw House magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding area.
J. G. Fegan
[Straus] F. Strauss [Straus] Strauss Reception Hall [Straus] Strauss Drawing Room
[Washington] J. R. Washington
[Port] Wm. Port
From Souvenir Album
[Sigworth] Dr. H. W. Sigworth
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