The three buildings at the southeast corner of Booth and Main were built in 1871 and have a cornice that extends across the top. The corner building (201 E. Main) was built by Samuel B. Tucker. Stickney and Harriman Hardware was the first occupant, followed by the Centennial Restaurant and Bakery run by Mrs. M. A. Stephens and Mrs. A. M. Krebs in 1876. In 1877 the Centennial Restaurant was run by S. B. Tucker.

At some point the building became the St. Charles Hotel and that was purchased by Solomon Easterly in 1890 and renamed The Hotel Easterly. The hotel extended into the building to the east, the hotel restaurant occupying the street level. Easterly's son-in-law, Harper Smyth, took over when he retired in 1908, and the hotel was later operated by Lee and Helen Smyth Sanner.

The second building (west half of 203 E. Main) was originally built for attorney C. R. Scott. Later, the Goggerty sisters operated a dry goods store and Henry Clarke and G. F. Greenwood ran a Tailoring business. It became known as the Arcade Block. The third building (east half of 203 E. Main) was constructed by H. L. Palmer and William M. and Mary Skinner.

The next building, 2-story brick, was built by Manville Chaplin in 1903. Mr. Hanson and Maurice Fay operated a grocery store in the building.