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Anamosa Businessmen #1
From Picturesque Anamosa, compiled and published by W. Leon Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ca. 1900. Submitted by Lois O'Donnell. Click on any person for a larger version.

1. Mr. Hollister, Lumber
2. M. R. Tarbox, Groceries
3. R. E. Giltrap, Bakery
4. M. C. Rigby, Wagon Shop
5. Geo. E. Noble, Groceries
6. E. C. Holt
7. E. L. Atkinson, Agent
Standard Oil
8. Harry Clarke, Jeweler
9. Wm Landesman, Dry Goods
10. S. A. Monger, Ed. of Journal
11. H. T. Curry, Bargain Store
12. H. E. Metcalf, Elec. Lt. Co.
13. E. J. Wood, Clothing
14. C. H. Lull, Banker
15. H. E. M. Niles, Notion Store
16. L. Schoonover, First Nat'l Bk.
17. C. S. Milliard, First Nat'l Bk.
18. T. E. Walters, Banker
19. W. B. Skinner, Druggist
20. A. N. Denison, Shoe Store
21. Henry Dutton, Groceries
22. John Z. Lull, Banker
23. C. R. Howard, Drug Store
24. C. M. Carter, Dry Goods
25. T. E. Booth, Ed of Eureka
26. D. W. Ellis, Photographer
27. C. M. Beam, Furniture
& Undertaking
28. F. J. Cunningham, Agr. Imp.
29. L. E. Tucker, Jeweler
30. S. T. McLaughlin, Harness
31. Rock L. Bedel, Music Store
32. W. H. Prentice, Groceries
33. J. A. Belnap, Wagon Shop
34. W. H. Johnson, Groceries

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