by Mrs. Albert Benadom,
June 22, 1952


Elizabeth Byerly submitted the histories and program information, Kevin Shoop supplied the photo, and Jim Christianson the excerpt from the minutes.


photoUp from the ashes of old Antioch church, a new church stands today! The faith and indomitable spirit of the ones who built it, set a record of achievement for future generations. The gloomy task of clearing away the remains of what once had been so dear to the hearts of the whole community, seemed unsurmountable. But the smouldering fires of disaster had no more than cooled, until plans were under way to replace the historical old church.

History seemed to repeat itself. Just as that small assembly of long ago, met in the Hay school house to formulate plans for building the Old Antioch Church, eighty-five years later, on exactly the same location at Antioch school house, a special meeting was held on March 3, 1950, to lay plans for the construction of a new church. Earl Byerly, chairman, appointed the various committees:

photoJames Whitmore, Delbert Grafft and Darvin Hardersen were selected for the wrecking and disposal of remaining walls. The Building committee was as follows: J. F. May, Alvin Byerly and J. E. Porter. On the finance committee were the following:

Mrs. Ray Stivers, Miss Malinda Nielsen, Guy Byerly, Albert Benadom, Charles Zimmers, R. A. Russell and John Merril.

Other meetings were held to complete the plans.

Outside the $2000.00 insurance, all the money was donated. Men, and women worked for months giving of their time, labor and money, helping in every way possible, gifts of money coming from Michigan to California.

Tho, it seemed a Herculean task, by the 29th of May, 1951, the first cement for the foundation was poured. Soon the glazed tile walls were going up and nearly completed by fall. However, the roof and gables were not added until the next spring.

The plastering was done the summer of 1952, also oak flooring was laid. The basement for recreational purposes had been completed, and a modern heating plant and lighting system installed.

The dedication services for New Antioch church took place on Sunday evening, June 22, 1952. Rev. Roland Badger, then of Hopkinton, and who for many years before, had served as pastor of this church, gave the sermon.

May we of the coming generation prove ourselves worthy of the consecrated efforts of the ones who have gone before—"From whose falling hands the torch of Christianity has been thrown to us. Be ours to lift it high."