Laura Kendall sent in this list. Deborah Bottomstone Archer supplied the definition.

Members of the Presbyterian Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor, Wyoming Township, 1903-1904.

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from History of Jones County, Past and Present.


by Dr. M. H. Calkins, The Home Lecture Course, April 1, 1878


of the Wyoming Presbyterian Church


from the Ladies of the Presbyterian Church.

In various Protestant churches, a society of young people organized in each individual church to do Christian work; also, the whole body of such organizations, which are united in a corporation called the United Society of Christian Endeavor, organized in 1885. The parent society was founded in 1881 at Portland, Maine, by Rev. Francis E. Clark, a Congregational minister. (Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary 1913.)

Herbert Alden
Herbert Alden
Elva Alden
Lynn S. Anderson
Irvin Bain
Mrs. Mary E. Barrett
Mrs. L. M. Barrett
Mary B. Bates
M. Amelia Bates
W. J. Beckwith
Mrs. M. W. Beckwith
Isabelle J. Bennett
Mary G. Bennett
Mrs. Miranda D. Benton
Mrs. Alma Blakeslee
Mrs. Susie Bonstel
Dayse Bottomstone
J. Maye Brainard
Stanley Brainard
Mrs. Carrie Brainard
Louisa Bramer
Miss Ethel Breish
Mrs. W. W. Bronson
Ruth Brown
Evalyn Brunner
M. H. Calkins, M.D.
Miss Mary A. Calkins
Mrs. M. H. Calkins
B. H. & Mrs. Chamberlain, M.D.
Mrs. W. I. Chamberlain
Mrs. A. P. Cooper
Rev. A. P. Cooper
R. M. Corbit
Aileen B. Corbit
Mrs. E. A. Crisick
Altha V. Curry
Mrs. Peter Davis
Miss Edith Davis
Miss Hattie Davis
Elsie Dellit
Adela Dellit
C. E. DeWitt
H. C. DeWitt
Mrs. H. C. DeWitt
Mrs. J. W. DeWitt
James W. DeWitt
Mrs. I. DeWitt
Mrs. F. W. DeWitt
Leona Gridley Elwood
Maye Evans
Mrs. Margaret Mallicoat
Ida Fishwald
Mr. & Mrs. R. Fishwild
Etta Fishwild
Mame L. Fordham
H. N. Fordham
Nettie B. Fordham
W. W. Fordham
Margaret Baird Fordham
Miss Lillian French
Nellie French
Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Garrison
Mr. & Mrs. M. M. Garrison
Elsie F. Garrison
William D. Garrison
Nettie E. Graham
Mrs. Greene
Miss Gertrude Greene
Esther Griswold
A. W. Hepler
Mrs. Eugenia H. Hepler
Mrs. Ed. Hernon
Miss Ellen Annette Hewins
Bertha Halsey Hitchcock
Maude E. Horton
Rev. W. H. & Mrs. Ilsley
Miss Jessie O. Ilsley
Miss Edith H. Ilsley
Miss Lucy M. Ilsley
James Inglis
Janie Inglis
Mrs. Elizabeth Inglis
Mrs. Glenara Jacobs
Mrs. H. P. Johnson
Julia Halsey Johnson
Winnifred M. W. Kettlesen
Mabel L. Kirkpatrick
Marjorie Kneller
W. G. Krouse
Mrs. W. G. Krouse
Mrs. W. E. Lamerton
Clara Lindsey
Zepha Lindsey
A. M. Loomis
Minnie S. Loudermilch
Helen J. Madison
Buelah Markham
Mrs. E. R. Marshall
Mrs. Hattie E. Marshall
William McClure
Rev. S. M. McConnell
Mrs. Alicia Breish McConnell
Etta McDonald
Kate McNamara
Mary McNamara
Luella Biglow Miller
Mary A. Moore
E. Watson Norton
Clifford B. Paul
L. F. Pealer
Mrs. A. W. Peck
Mrs. Pelkey
Frank Pelkey
John K. Pixley
Mrs. L. H. Pratt
Byron J. Read
Mrs. Byron J. Read
T. G. Richardson
R. Ethel Richardson
Katharine Richardson
Florence Ellen Richardson
Mrs. James Spence Robertson
E. S. Saunders
Charles Saxon
Lucie Brunner Saxon
Mrs. S. F. Schaefer
Grace Schamel
Mrs. Amy Shaffer
Miss Harriet B. Shaffer
Mrs. Frank Shimerda
Mrs. James B. Smiley
Mrs. A. W. Smith
Mary Pixley Smith
Rev. A. W. Smith
R. H. Spence, M.D.
Mrs. R. H. Spence
Clara I. Stephenson
Mrs. Elma Stevens
Rev. A. D. Stevens
Miss Ellen Strong
Halsey Sturtevant
Kathryn Sturtevant
Olive Sturtevant
Mrs. T. G. Tasker
Mrs. F. H. Thomas
Margaret S. Tourtellot
Miss Jennie Tourtellot
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Vaughn
Mrs. Mildred Walston Vaughn
Lura Vaughn
Fred Vaughn
Hazel Waite
Mrs. E. G. Waite
Rev. E. G. Waite
Nettie Walston
Miss Luverna A. Walston
Leota Wherry
Mrs. E. B. Wherry
Mrs. J. T. Wherry
Winifred Wherry
Netta Gridley Wherry
Mrs. William Wilker
Mrs. Amanda Williams
Dearborn G. Williams
P. A. Williams
Mrs. Harriet Williams