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Benjamin B. Tallman
Born May 25, 1812
Romancy Miller Tallman
Born April 10, 1819

Benjamin B. Tallman, the second child of John "Squire" and Elizabeth Harrison Tallman, was probably born May 25, 1812, in Canal Winchester, Ohio. His first marriage was to Sarah Glanville. It was held December 24, 1833. To this marriage only one daughter, Sarah Jane, was born on January 2, 1836. She married David Edwin Silver on January 3, 1858 at Western in Linn county, Iowa. Sarah Jane died December 17, 1889. Many Silver descendants live in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. According to the cemetery records published in the Greater Tallman Family Newsletter (issue 11, Autumn 1987, p. 3) Sarah Glanville Tallman died in January, 1836, and was buried in the Tallman Reservation of the Union Grove Cemetery near Canal Winchester, Ohio. This is the same time that her daughter, Sarah Jane was born, so it is probable that the mother died due to complications of childbirth..
Benjamin's second marriage was to Romancy Miller on October 23 or 25, 1836 or 1837. She was born April 10, 1819, in Millersport, Ohio. She died January 31, 1911, in Rippey, Iowa, and is buried in the Rippey Cemetery (Block 2, Lot 38, Grave 3). According to a paper that can be found in the Iowa Historical Department Library in Des Moines written by someone named Terrill, Romancy was the daughter of John and Anna Smootz Miller.

The children of Benjamin Tallman are as follows:
Sarah Jane
Miller Mathais
Amy E.
Eliza E.
Nathaniel Harrison
Griffen C.
William L.
m. David Edwin Silver
died young
m. Elizabeth Plomey Ault Winn
died young
m. Nathaniel Amon Garnant
m. Adam Lieberkneckt
m. Narcisses Pollic
m. ? Postier
m. ?
m. Albert Serman
died at 24
died young

Around 1848, Benjamin, his brother John, and, perhaps their brother David, moved to Jones county, Iowa. The children through Eliza E. had been born in Ohio, but Nathaniel was born in Jones county in 1849. Sometime in the 1850s, Benjamin moved his family to the next county to the west—Linn county. He was involved with the United Brethren Church which founded a town and college at Western. Benjamin was the farm agent and resident agent of the college for many years. At one time he served on the Board of Regents. One of his jobs was to operate the college farm. The farm provided a work/study program for needy students as well as a means for the college to earn outside income.
When the church founded the town they hoped that the lots and nearby farms could be sold to its members thereby creating a strong religious community. They were also in a good position to be on a major north/south railway line. Such was not to be the case though. The railroad located to both the east and west of the town by a few miles and an influx of immigrants from Bohemia bought up much of the surrounding land. The college fell on hard times and eventually closed.
Benjamin owned no land in Linn county until 1864, but he clearly lived there much earlier, so he probably resided on the college farm itself. He bought 80 acres adjacent to the college farm just to the north (E 1/2, SE 1/4, Sec. 28-82-7). A barn he built was still standing in 1987.
Benjamin died in 1881 and his wife, Romancy, moved to Rippey in Greene county, Iowa, to live with her daughter, Amy. Another daughter, Eliza, also lived around Rippey, and Romancy later lived with her. There is also some indication that her son, Miller, also lived in the area for a while. There seems to have been quite an exodus of Tallmans to Greene county. Several sons of Benjamin's brother, John, also moved there. Many of Benjamin's younger children moved to Minnesota.
Benjamin died October 26, 1881, in Linn county, Iowa. His tombstone, which is in the Western Cemetery in Linn county, gave his age at death as "69 Ys 5 Ms 1 Day." Date math yields the birth date. Virgil Berdette Tallman in his Tallman Genealogical Record, page 137, says his birth date is May 28, 1911. The difference is probably the result of transcription errors.

Source: By Robert A. J. Thorpe, reprinted from The Greater Tallman Family Newsletter, December, 1987.
Note: For more information on the Tallman family see Tallmans of Jones County


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