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A great selection of photos from Laura Kendall, a Conmey/Kimball descendant. More photos located at Kimball.
John Kane Conmey, son of James and Sara Jane Kane Conmey. OBIT Ann Mary Kimball who married John Kane Conmey. They had a farm in Wyoming, Iowa and they had 2 children, Frederick Conmey and Roy Merrill Conmey (my great-grandfather, who married Bell Mae Woodford and became a doctor in Sargeant Bluff, Iowa for 60 years). John Kane Conmey and his wife, Ann Mary Kimball (daughter of Abner Kimball & Sarah Jane Spinney) and their sons, Frederick W. & Roy Merrill, taken 1886 at M. H. Eberhart Studio, Wyoming Iowa.
Frederick W. Conmey, son of Ann Mary Kimball and John Kane Conmey. He died on the family farm in Wyoming, Iowa. There is more information in his obituary. Dr. Roy Merrill Conmey, born Jan. 1, 1883, near Wyoming, Iowa. He was a longtime physician in Sergeant Bluff, serving the community for 60 years as a family doctor. You can read more in his obituary. Elva Alden, Roy Conmey's high school sweetheart. Her father was Alton Alden and his farm was next to John Kane Conmey's. This is one of 4 photo's I have of her. Photo circa 1905.
John Kane Conmey and James McNamara Conmey & Wilma Corcoran, taken October 22, 1909. James is the son of J. W. Conmey & Mary McNamara. Wilma is the daughter of Anna Mary Conmey and Gus Corcoran. Wilma became a nun (Sister Mary Irma) and she is still living in Iowa as of March, 1999. She has family still living in Anamosa. This is a "cousins" photo: from left to right: Fred Conmey, Leo Kimball, Roy Conmey, Elsie Bruntlett, Otto Kimball, Fannie Kimball and Eugene Bruntlett. This photo was taken around 1910.
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