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A great selection of photos from Laura Kendall, a Conmey/ Kimball descendant. More photos located at Conmey.
Abner Kimball came to Jones county about 1856 and lived there until his death in 1908. You can read more about his life in his obituary. Sarah Jane Spinney, wife of Abner. "Mrs. Kimball was a thorough bible scholar and possessed a powerful intellect. Many a Rev. has quailed and fallen before her keen and logical arguments." Ann Mary Kimball who married John Kane Conmey. They had a farm in Wyoming, Iowa and they had 2 children, Frederick Conmey and Roy Merrill Conmey (my great-grandfather, who married Bell Mae Woodford and became a doctor in Sargeant Bluff, Iowa for 60 years).
Ellen Kimball (daughter of Abner Kimball & Sarah Jane Spinney) who married C. E. Bruntlett, and her daughter Elsie Bruntlett. Eugene "Gene" Bruntlett, son of C. E. Bruntlett and Ellen Kimball. This photo was originally labelled, "Sarah Jane Kimball, daughter of Abner Kimball and Sarah Jane Spinney, and her four daughters," but Laura has discovered that Sarah Jane never married or had children. She still believes these are Kimballs—but not sure which ones. Can anyone help?
This photo was also taken at M. H. Eberhart Studio in Wyoming Iowa in 1886 (same day as the family photo on the Conmey page). I think they are Abner Kimball and Sarah Jane Spinney's sons—Abner Merrill, John Murray and James "Marshall." Leo Kimball. Otto Kimball.
Willis Kimball, son of Abner Kimball's brother, John Kimball and his wife Lucy Field. Willis' wife was Carrie Young and his siblings were Charles E. (Jessie Atkinson), Clement Field "Fred" (Carroll Williams) and Flora. This is a photo of another Anamosa young man, Robert Leamon. From old letters I believe that his mother was a Kimball. I think his father's name was Harry Leamon, who died 11/17/01. Another Leamon mentioned in the letters is Noble.
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