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Joel & Hattie Hutton (Harriet A. Bohler). Cleo, Albert and Forest, children of Joel and Hattie Hutton. Cleo Hutton Dunbar, daughter of Joel & Hattie.
Joel Hutton? The Photos above were submitted by John Kahl. John thinks there is a lot of resemblance between Joel and Photo #9 of the unidentified photos submitted by Hallie Hutton Martin below and shown on the left. What do you think?
Letter of Condolence
to Mrs. Elizabeth Bohler
on the Death of Her Daughter
Harriet Bohler Hutton

Washington Ohio,
Feb. 13, 98
Mrs. Elizabeth Bohler. Wyoming Ia.

My dear Aunt Lib

By Grandma's request I will try and write you a short letter to express our heart felt sympathy for you in your sad bereavement of your daughter Hattie; although not knowing her I have heard Grandma speak of her sweet disposition and how she would be missed by you all. I feel almost like I had known her and certainly feel like extending my sympathy to you; I can while extending sympathy commend you to that Father in Heaven who doeth all things well; and O how much better it is when we can be assured that our Loved ones are safe in heaven where we can some day meet them; it is far better so; when we can fully realize that all the sorrows and temptations of this life are forever over for thee loved ones gone before; Dear aunt I was quite a little girl when you were back here yet I remember you; I have grown up now and I can still remember when you pieced a quilt while here and I used to count your squares and look at them every night. We are all well and blessed with plenty this winter and hope you may be enjoying the same blessings. We are attending an Evangelistic Meeting here now; The Evangelist is a Lady and she is very earnest; Well I must bring my letter to a close; requesting you if you think this is worthy of an answer. Please favor us with a few lines; We would be so glad to hear from you all; Again extending our heartfelt sympathy; I remain Your Loving Niece

Lilly Atherton
in behalf of Your Sister Louisa Atherton

Hattie is believed to be Harriet A. Bowler Hutton listed in the Jones County Iowa 1856 Census for Pierce Township. Letter transcribed by John Kahl November 2004. Read Harriet's obituary.

Charles David
Hutton's Album

We can thank Hallie Hutton Martin for these wonderful photos. Many are from the 1860s. They were in an album that belonged to her great-grandfather Charles David Hutton. The paper that was holding the pictures in place got brittle and the pictures fell out and didn't get put back in the right places. Someone had written the names on the album under some of the pictures, but there no way to make sure where each of the pictures belonged. Can you help identify any of these people? Many of the unknown pictures are likely Huttons, but some may be friends or relatives with different surnames. See more photos under Calahan, Newman, Lapham & Ennis.

William Newman, Charles Hutton, born May 15, 1864, & James Hutton, born May 18, 1862. Note the gun in Charles' pocket. Charles Hutton, born May 15, 1864, & James Hutton, born May 18 1862, sons of William Washington Hutton & Martha Jane Ennis Hutton.
James Hutton, died November 1 1885, Scotch Grove, son of Charles P. & Mary Hutton, and his wife, Nancy Brouse. Photo by C. W. Mitchell & Bro., 1st & N. Cedar St., Monticello. Charles D. Hutton, born May 15, 1864, Monticello, son of William Washington Hutton & Martha Jane Ennis Hutton. Emma Hutton, born September 3, 1877, Monticello. Daughter of William Washington Hutton & Martha Jane Ennis.
Ann Hutton, born 1860, Scotch Grove, died 1872. Daughter of Samuel Hutton & Hester Davis. Photo by Tuttles, "Rooms over Peet & Cox's Store, Anamosa." Rosalee Powers Hutton, born January 22, 1863, Jackson Twp. Daughter of Samuel K. Powers & Elizabeth McCormick. John Wesley Hutton, born 1858, Scotch Grove, died 1944. Son of Samuel Hutton & Hester Davis. Photo by W. H. Monroe, Monticello.
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