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Charles David Hutton's Album
We can thank Hallie Hutton Martin for these photos. They were in an album that belonged to her great-grandfather Charles David Hutton. The paper that was holding the pictures in place got brittle and the pictures fell out and didn't get put back in the right places. Someone had written the names on the album under some of the pictures, but there no way to make sure where each of the pictures belonged. See more photos under Hutton, Ennis, Calahan & Lapham
William Newman & Martha Jane "Mattie" Newman, Monticello Mattie Newman, daughter of William Newman & Almyra Hutton, Monticello. Almyra Hutton Newman, born December 12, 1859, daughter of William Hutton & Martha Jane Ennis, William Newman, Mattie Newman.
William Newman, Charles Hutton, born May 15, 1864, & James Hutton, born May 18, 1862. Note the gun in Charles' pocket.
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