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In 1871, Anamosa Lodge, No. 40, had grown to considerable proportions, and some of the members regarded the idea of another Lodge with favor, as such a large body could not get along as well as a smaller and more compact organization. With this feeling, they took their cards from the old Lodge, and applied for a dispensation, which was granted and charter issued. The Secretary's book, under date of May 1, 1871, says: "At the first stated meeting of Stella Lodge, held at their lodge-room in Anamosa, Iowa, the Lodge was called to order by D.D.G.M. George W. Condon, who duly installed said Stella Lodge, No. 223, I.O.O.F."
From History of Jones County Iowa, 1879.

From Picturesque Anamosa, compiled and published by W. Leon Hall, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ca. 1900. Submitted by Lois O'Donnell. Click on any person for a larger version.

1. Fred Bodenhofer, V.G.
2. Chas. Landis
3. J. M. Dean
4. Wm. Port
5. Fred Belknap
6. J. B. Hysler
7. Geo. Belknap
8. M. C. Rigby, Secretary
9. Ed Lenan
10. Lodge Building
11. T. R. Ercanbrack
12. Jno. Burkhardt
13. J. F. Bodenhofer
14. J. A. Belknap
15. B. F. Boyer
16. F. M. Belknap
17. J. T. Rigby
18. Judson Lawrence
19. I. H. Brasted
20. Jno. Morehouse
21. A. G. Hijinian

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) is a global altruistic and benevolent fraternal organization derived from the British Oddfellows service organizations of the 17th century. In 17th century England, it was unusual to find people organized to give aid to those in need and pursue projects for the benefit of all mankind. Those who belonged to such organizations were called "Odd Fellows."
The Independent Order of Odd Fellows was founded in the United States in Baltimore, Maryland, on April 26, 1819 when Thomas Wildey and four members of the Order from England instituted Washington Lodge No. 1. This lodge received its charter from Manchester Unity of Odd Fellows in England. The word "Independent" in the organization's name was given by the English parent organization as part of the chartered title of the new North American chapter. (Adapted from Wikipedia.)
You can learn more at Wikipedia or at the I.O.O.F website.

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