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Photographed by Jim Christianson at the Jones County Historical Society at Edinburg.

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Adair, Dr. L. J.Physician and Surgeon
Anamosa Lumber Co.Dealers in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Hard and Soft Coal, and Olin Tile.
Anamosa National BankDoes a General Banking Business
Anamosa City Roller MillsH. C. Metcalf, Proprietor. Manufacturer of Flour and all Kinds of Mill Products
Beam, John H.Farmer and Stock Raiser
Beam, C. M.Dealer in Furniture and Undertaking
Bennett, AndrewRetired Farmer
Booth, E., & SonPublishers of the "Eureka."
Brown, C. M.Attorney-at-Law.
Burr, Hudson G.Attorney-at-Law.
Cunningham, W. A.Wholesale Dealer in Wapsipinicon Ice. Winter shipments a specialty.
Curttright, J. W.Bridge Contractor
Dunklee and BlackmarrUndertakers and Dealers in Fine Furniture, sewing Machines, etc.
Ereanbrack, T. R.Attorney-at-Law.
Erickson, F., of F. S. Brown & Co.Proprietors of Gold Hill Quarries, Stone City.
Fisher, F. & SonManufacturers and Dealers in Light and Heavy Harness. Prices as low as the lowest. All goods warranted.
Foley, JohnRailroad Contractor and Stock Raiser
Gavin, M.Dealer in Boots and Shoes. All goods first-class and warrented.
Gawley, Dr. E. W.Physician and Surgeon.
Hay, IsaacRetired Farmer.
Hellberg, H., & SonProprietors of "City Meat Market."
Hogan, W. A.Sheriff.
Holt., E. C.Contractor and Mason.
Kaufmann & LawrenceDealaers in Fresh and Salt Meats, Lard, Fresh Fish, etc.
Kinney, J. F.Proprietor of Livery, Feed, and Sale Stable.
Kramer, D. A.Farmer and Stock Raiser
Lehmann, F. G.Gardener and Florist
Metcalf. H. C.Proprietor of "The Metcalf Electric Light Co."
McGuire, Mrs. T.The M. P. Conway "New York Store," Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Notions, etc.
Miller, J. W.Portrait and View Photographer
Miller, W. A.County Auditor
McLaughlin, S. T.Manufacturer of Light and Heavy Harness, and Dealer in Saddles, Whips, Blankets, Turf Goods, Robes, etc. Repairing neatly and promptly done.
Moore, E. R.Jones County Superintendent.
Monger, C. H.Proprietor of "The Anamosa Journal."
Niles & WattersBankers
Osborn Bros.Proprietors Livery and Feed Barn, and Dealers in Live Stock
Osborn, P. I.Retired Farmer.
Peet, W. G.Real Estate Dealer
Peet, A. C.Farmer and Stock Raiser
Peters, R.O.Ex-County Surveyor.
Pollard, Dr. A. L.Physicain and Surgeon.
Powers, Rev. RobertCatholic Clergyman.
Remley & EreanbrackAttorney-at-Law.
Scroggs, J. P.Proprietor of Feed and Sale Stable, Horse Dealer and Shipper.
Shaw & SchoonoverBankers. A General Banking Business transacted.
Shaw & DuttonDealers in Groceries and Crockery.
Sheean & McCarnAttorneys-at-Law and Abstractors.
Sigworth, Dr. H. W.Physician and Surgeon.
Sigworth, Dr. M. P.Druggist and Physician.
Skinner, Dr. W. M.Druggist and Physician.
Smith, B. F.Proprietor of Anamosa Brick Yard.
Strauss, A., & Co.Dealers in General Merchandise
Trester, D. C.Proprietor of Foundry and Machine Shop, recently established. All kinds of work in iron and steel done on short notice. Shafting and Steam-fittings kept constantly on hand.
Walton & ByrneProprietors of Anamosa Marble Works. Manufacturers of and Dealers in Headstones, Monuments, Crosses, and Tablets. Curbing and all kinds of Cemetery work
Warren, L. P.Dealer in Marble and Granite. Contracts taken for all kinds of work.
Weigel, Chas.Jeweller and Optician. A complete Stock of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, and Silverware constantly on hand.
Winscott, Jas.Dealer in Mining Properties.
Wood, E. J.Dealer in Clothing, Hats & Caps, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Valises, etc.
Wurzbacher, H.Dealer in Boots and Shoes and Rubbers.



Baldwin, I. W.Proprietor of "Cascade Pioneer."
Beatty, J. W.Cashier of Farmers' and Merchants' State Bank.
Curley Bros.Proprietors of Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.
Dehner, H. L.Cashier of The Cascade Bank.
Hamilton & ConklinProprietors of Livery, Feed, and Sale Stable.





Bagley, F. M.Darmer, Dairyman, and Fine Horse BreederAnamosa34
Chopper, John P.Farmer and Stock RaiserAnamosa19
Clark, N. P.Farmer and Breeder of Daroc Jersey PigsMonticello2
Clouse, Geo. D.Farmer and Fine Stock BreederAnamosa3
Condit, J. S.Farmer and Proprietor of CreameryAnamosa21
Dunning, H.Farmer and Stock RaiserAnamosa36
Fairbanks, A. L.Breeder and Shipper of Pure Bred Registered Poland China HogsMonticello3
Frisbie, J. R.Farmer and Stock RaiserAnamosa23
Gerdes, JohnFarmer and Stock RaiserLangworthy13
Hale, Wm. A.Breeder of Norman and Percheron Horses and Shorthorn Cattle. Young things for saleAnamosa23
Hanna, PresleyFarmer and Breeder of Shorthorn Cattle and Road HorsesAnamosa4
Hanna, A. L.Farmer and Breeder of Registered Cattle and Road HorsesAnamosa10
Helmer, JamesFarmer and Stock RaiserAnamosa19
Jacobus, W.Farmer and Stock RaiserAnamosa16
Ketcham, G. G.Farmer and Stock RaiserAnamosa22
Ketcham, W. L.Breeder of Shorthorn Cattle and Poland China Hogs. Young things for saleAnamosa8
Lawrence, S. H.Retired FarmerAnamosa27
Osborn, DavidFarmer and Breeder of Road HorsesAnamosa10
Osborn, E. A.Farmer and Stock RaiserAnamosa26
Plume, F. E.Blacksmithing, and General Repairing, Horseshoeing, and Wood WorkAnamosa26
Preston, JohnFarmer and Stock RaiserAnamosa4
Stacy, E. H.Farmer and Breeder of Draft Horses and DairymanAnamosa18
Stickle, A. C.HorticulturistAnamosa15
Teets, FrankFarmer and Stock RaiserAnamosa15
Thomas, Wm.Farmer and FeederAnamosa16
Washburne, R. A.Farmer and FeederAnamosa20
Watt, GeoFarmer and Stock RaiserAnamosa3
Wilson, W. E.Farmer and Stock RaiserAnamosa25
Zimmermann, R.Farmer and Stock RaiserAnamosa23




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