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War of 1812 Vets Buried in
Jones County Cemeteries
Janet A. Brandt transcribed this article from The Midland Times..

Americans are reflecting on the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. Jones County Cemeteries have many War of 1812 veterans buried within. Some of these veterans are James Nelson buried in Four Horn and Samuel Conley and William Walsworth who are buried at South Mineral. Benjamin Ellis is buried in Hazel Green.
Mr. Ellis was born in 1794 in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Ben is believed to have moved to New York where he enlisted in the

military in January 1813, serving for eighteen months in what some call "the second war of independence".
Benjamin married Charlotte Arnold in 1818 or 1819; they are believed to have moved to Jones County, Iowa in 1855 or 1856, where Ben thought he could find a better way of life. Ben and Charlotte had eleven children, all born in New York. It is thought he was active in agriculture both back east and here in Iowa. Their children became productive adults, several of them finding success as a farmer, dentist, and doctor, as well as in the insurance business.
Ben was believed to have been a hospital attendant during the War of 1812 and a democrat in his politics until the Civil War when he rejected slavery, became a "champion of Union interests" and then became a republican.

Another Vet...

Samuel Conaly is buried at South Mineral Cemetery. Photo: Steve Hanken
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