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James Nelson
February 28, 1802– 22 September 1876*


Mr. James Nelson, an old resident of Scotch Grove, came to his death in sudden and singular manner on Tuesday morning of last week while riding upon a small load of straw, he was jolted off the rear end of the load, falling heavily to the ground, striking upon his head and breaking his neck.
Mr. Nelson was the owner of a small farm of 40 acres, situated within a few rods of Scotch Grove Railway station on the D.&N.W.B.R.R. The height from which he fell was not more than 6 feet, but his death was instantaneous. He leaves a wife and three sons. One in Nebraska, another in Michigan, and the other in Iowa.
Of his character and honesty we know nothing more than he was held in esteem by all those who know him as a man of kindly impulses, a kind neighbor and a good citizen.

Source: Anamosa Eureka, October 5, 1876
Note: "Tuesday morning of last week" would have been September 26, 1876. Mr. Nelson's gravestone says he died September 22, 1876. Using the date calculator at and the one included with The Master Genealogist, I get February 28, 1802 as his birth date, using September 22, 1876 as the death date.. His listing on Find-A-Grave gives March 2, 1802 as his birth date.


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