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The photograph in the header is of Center Cemetery in Rome township. Thanks to Rosalie Ahrendson we now have a History of the Chapel and Cemetery for your enjoyment.


Over 5400 gravestones listed.

1482 0bits
of Oxford Junction
area residents from
Rita Balichek at the
Oxford Junction Heritage Museum.

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Women are listed by both their maiden and married names.
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Dixie Sauer Abt
Arden Franklin Achenbach
Carlyn Barnes Achenbach
Dorothea Accola
Isaac Ackerman
Lyman J. Adair, M.D.
Caroline Adams
Lillian "Jean" Adams
William James Adams
Joseph Agnew
Maria McVana Agnew
Brandon Henry Ahrendsen
Dennis Lynn Ahrendsen
Gayle Heny Ahrendsen
Henry Noel Ahrendsen
Leo Ahrendsen
Leona Engelbart Ahrendsen
Lyle Ahrendsen
Marcia Chesmore Ahrendsen
Marjorie Schellin Ahrendsen
Merlin K. Ahrendsen
Norman K. Ahrendsen
Pauline Benischek Ahrendsen
Richard H. Ahrendsen
Shirley Holmes Ahrendsen
Theo Ballou Ahrendsen
Anna Margaretta Ahrnken
Lila Fall Aikman
Lois Marie Akin
John Albang
Richard J. Albers
Bonnie Sanderson Albertson
Susie M. Albertson
Lucetta Jacobs Albery
John Joseph Albinger
Helen M. Alden
Junella Jo Alden
Mary Jane Alden
Anna Eliza Aldrich
Eliza Rigby Aldrich
Greta Kuhns Aldrich
Lemuel Aldrich
Merle Leonard Aldrich
Vernon Robert “Bob” Aldrich
Abraham Allamand Sr.
Abraham Allamand Jr.
Anna Arnold Allamand
Dorothea Accola Allamand
Lorenz Karl Allamand
Mary Arnold Allamand
Austin Stanley Allen
Eliza Allen
Eunice Kuhns Allen
Leo George Allen
Ora Maye Howard Allen
Sandra Lee Allen
Thomas Allen
Asa Alspaugh
Mary Waggoner Alspaugh
William Alspaugh
Edwin F. Althoff
Andreas Ambuehl
Andrew Ambuehl Sr.
Andrew J. Ambuehl
Anna Ruof Ambuehl
Catherine Arduser Ambuehl
Edna Lucille Ambuehl
Elizabeth H. Ambuehl
Emma Rettig Ambuehl
George Ambuehl (1859)
George Ambuehl (1897)
Iola Ruth Ambuehl
Johanna Rickels Ambuehl
John Ambuehl
Joyce M. Ambuehl
Katherine Ambuehl
Kathryn M. Ambuehl
Leo D. Ambuehl
Leona Rittmer Ambuehl
Lillian Dorothy Ambuehl
Mae Eby Ambuehl
Oscar Albert Ambuehl
Ruby Ann Ambuehl
Rudolph Ambuehl
Shirley Mae Ambuehl
Catherine Arduser Ambuhl
Almira Ames
Artie Ames
Janette Nissen Ames
Duane Roy Ammeter
Angie Harrison Anderson
Elmer J. "Andy" Anderson
Karen "Diane" Hilbert Anderson
Lois Carman Anderson
Norma Hinrichsen Anderson
Phila Dufloth Anderson
Lloyd Samuel Andre
Janet Greenawald Andreesen
Richard H. W. Andreesen
Robert Andreesen
Christopher Scott Andresen
Emily Vacek Andresen
Janet Marlene Andresen
Patricia Brunscheen Andresen
Howard Phillip Andrews Sr.
Roberta Johnson Andrews
Doris Westphal Antons
Sophia Maria Antons
Shirley Brown Appelhans
Bernadean Mae Appleby
Larry Eugene Appleby
Carrie E. Applegate
Caroline Adams Applegate
Charles Reno Applegate
Elizabeth Minglin Applegate
Patsy Arlene Archibald
Catherine Arduser
Carl Alexander Arduser
Lyle "Buzz" Arduser
Ronald "Ron" Arduser
Rose Moore Arduser
Avis Lavonne Armstrong
Alma Kathryn Arnold
Anna Margaretha Arnold
George Arnold
Maria Schoon Arnold
Mary Louise Arnold
Max Albert Arthur
Mildred Arthur
A. S. Atkinson
Hannah Green Atkinson
Barbara Wainwright Auer
Darcy Ann Schneiter Austin
Isaac Austin
Fannie Avery
Susan Matilda Axline


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