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Andreas Ambuehl, Sr.
September 30, 1834 – February 4, 1916
Andreas Ambuehl, a well known resident of Monticello, died at his home, last Friday evening, February 4, after a short illness, at the age of 81 years, 4 months and 4 days. Mr. Ambuehl had been ailing for two weeks previous to his death, but he did not take to his bed until the Monday before his demise. His decline was rapid.
The funeral services were conducted at the German Reformed church, last Tuesday afternoon, by Rev. Roland Kuentzel, the pastor. Many people attended to pay their respects to one who always had the confidence of his acquaintances. Mr. Ambuehl had long been a member of the German Reformed denomination, and in the local church where his body was carried for the last time he had regularly received the spiritual help and consolation vouchsafed to those who believe in the sustaining and satisfying influence of the church. Those from out of town who attended the funeral were Mrs. A. A. Loetcher, Mrs. Katie Bardill, Casper Buol, Paul Arduser, Leonard Yeager, all of Dubuque; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kiburz and son, George Arduser, Mr. and Mrs. E. Johnston, all of Cedar Rapids. George Ambuehl who had been spending the winter in Nebraska, reached here a short while before his father's death. His wife was unable to come on account of illness. A daughter of the decedent, Mrs. J. J. Janett, of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, was also detained at home by sickness.
Andreas Ambuehl was born at Davos Platz, Canton Graubunden, Switzerland, September 30, 1834. He was well educated in the schools of his native land. April 3, 1853, he married Catharine Arduser, and they became the parents of eight children, five daughters and three sons. One son died in Switzerland. In 1872, the family came to the United States and settled on a farm on Bowen's Prairie, in this county, which was bought because it lay beside the farm belonging to their relatives the Buols, who had preceded them from Switzerland by several years. They arrived here in February, and in the fall of the same year the eldest daughter died. Mr. Ambuehl who had followed farming in the Swiss valleys soon adapted himself to the new ways he found in vogue here. He was a good farmer and prospered. The good wife died in 1896, while the family lived on the farm. Mr. Ambuehl continued to live with his son, George, who took over the farm, and he came with his son's family to Monticello in 1903, and remained with them until his marriage to Mrs. Elizabeth Schweitzer in June, 1906.
Mr. Ambuehl is survived by his widow and the following named children: Mrs. Nicholas Baer, of Monticello, Mrs. J. J. Janett, of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, George Ambuehl, of Monticello, Mrs. Edward Kiburz, of Cedar Rapids, Mrs. J. L. Arduser, of Monticello, and Andrew Ambuehl, of Monticello.
Mr. Ambuehl was a man of few words, but his counsel when given was good, and it was often sought by his countrymen. He was often trusted with investment for others and he never disappointed or failed those gave their confidence. He had lived a long life-a useful life-and was ready to relinquish it for the hope of a better one.

Submitted by: Lloyd Raeg
Source: The Monticello Express, 10 Feb 1916, pg. 5, col 4.

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