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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

The City Bakery
APPEARING on this page is a display ad for F. J. Schindhelm, proprietor of the City Bakery, in which he announces to the public that it has been almost impossible owing to the scarcity of material to secure his usual line of confections for the Christmas trade, but nevertheless takes advantage of the opportunity to extend to his many friends and customers the greetings of the season.
The bakery until recently has been operated under many adversities, but the determination of the proprietor to continue in the face of all these trials and hardships marks the unusual disposition of those who always look for the bright lining of every dark cloud. Sickness, hospital bills and finally the death of his wife, which occurred in July of this year, all of which drew very heavily on his finances, were overcome and today he is on the road to that success, which is always attained by those who never falter in their efforts.
The quality of the bakery goods placed on the market by this concern is such that they are in demand not only in this city but every surrounding town for many miles. In fact the demand far exceeds the output. We are advised that one neighboring town alone would like to contract for all the bread that he makes. If towns in this vicinity less fortunate in having a bakery, are so profuse in their praise of his bakery goods, there is no reason why he shouldn’t receive the patronage of his local community entirely. A bakery in a small town is one that should receive united support and patronage.

The Oxford Mirror
IN presenting this special edition to our readers, we have attempted to give them something out of the ordinary in the way of a Christmas edition—something that would always be kept in the home that the children of generations to come might read of those who

have taken a part in the great world war just closing. The task of getting out this big edition has been an arduous one and has been accomplished in two weeks time in connection with such other work as has been necessary in the office. The work of gathering together the picture of every soldier boy and his mother was a long one, but we have done the very best that we could and regret that a few pictures have been omitted, owing to the fact that they were not obtainable.
The work on this edition has been done by the regular Mirror Force, which includes the Misses Mayme Nolan and Sylvia Pegorek, both very competent young ladies, who
have worked diligently that this issue would go to the readers on time; the writer and also his wife, who very ably assists with the work in the office.
It has required burning of the midnight oil, not only in the writing, but the composition, press work and binding. We are perhaps a little bit egotistical in believing that very few offices in towns the size of Oxford would attempt an issue the nature of this one. Be that as it may, we present to our readers this special soldier’s edition as a small token of our appreciation of their patronage and support, and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
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