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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

OXFORD Township not only gave ninety-seven boys to the American fighting forces, but three young men from this vicinity enlisted in the Checho-Slovak army. They were only employed in this vicinity and we have been unable to obtain pictures of them, but nevertheless they are entitled to special mention. The three young men, Charles Vanicek, Mike Limbursky and Mike Krofta, went to Chicago this summer where they enlisted in the Checho-Slovak army. Nothing has been heard of their activities in the foreign country, but we are positive that they have given a good account of themselves.

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AMONG the boys from this community who have entered the service of their Government in one branch or the other, we have the names of four young men, of whom we have been unable to obtain any pictures or information in regard to their activities, a fact which we very much regret. In starting on this edition it was our hope and desire that every boy who has gone forth from this community to defend our flag should be represented in this soldier’s edition. Nevertheless we have failed to a certain extent. The boys whose pictures we have been unable to obtain are Joe Hudrlik, Lacy Coker, Glenn Williams and Fred Schmidt.
The first named is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hudrlik, east of this city, and is a member of the S. A. T. C., at Iowa City. Lacey Coker, the son of Mrs. George Coker, of Oxford Mills, is in the service and as far as we are able to learn is still located at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, from which place he will undoubtedly be mustered out. Glenn Williams, the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Williams, of Oxford Mills, is also in the service, being among the first to enter the army, he having gone to a training camp from Clinton, where he was employed. The last name, Fred Schmidt, was employed in this vicinity, when he was called in the draft of February 23rd and was included with the boys from Oxford Township who were honored by a patriotic meeting in this city before departing for the training camps. He has been in active service in France and we regret that we are unable to give more information in regard to his whereabouts. As far as we know these four boys conclude the list of young men from this community, who have answered the call of their country. If there should still remain others whose names have escaped our notice, it has been an oversight, as we have spent a great deal of time in looking up the war record of each young man as well as obtaining the pictures which are reprinted herewith.
Again we say, we regret very much that we were unable to obtain the pictures of these boys.

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