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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Anthony Henak

ANTHONY HENAK, the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Henak, was born on the farm south of this city August 18th, 1891, where he has continuously made their home assisting with the work on the farm until called into the service of his country. He was one of the nineteen boys called in the draft on July 25th, and who, previous to their reporting at Anamosa, were honored by a big public meeting in this city, at which time Hon. Robt. Cousins addressed the large gathering that had gotten together to bid the boys farewell. They reported to the local board at Anamosa and were ordered to Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Georgia. The demand for men in France was so great that they were only given six
weeks training at this southern camp and then transferred to Camp Merritt, N. J., from where they departed overseas September 12th, of this year. At Camp Merritt he was assigned to special service and his arrival overseas found him stationed in England, where he remained until the end of the warin fact, he is still in England, stationed at one of the base hospitals. Anthony has been missed at home a great deal as he was always active about the farm, in fact leasing adjoining land that he might have more ground to till. His return home will not only be welcomed by the fond mother but by every member of the family as well as the community in which he has grown to manhood.

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