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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

The Quality Store
GABRIEL J. Bees, proprietor of the Quality Store, whose display ad appears on this page, has the distinction of being the only young man in this city who was compelled to leave his business entirely to respond to the call of his Government, in connection with which he was the only proprietor. When his call came to go into the service it was necessary for his wife to take complete charge of the business, which she did in a very creditable manner, and to her is due a great deal of credit in handling the problems that were confronting every merchant in all the smaller towns especially. She kept the business at its best until the return of the proprietor on November 26th.
Gabe is one of the young hustling business men of this city. His early life was spent here, having graduated from the local schools, after which he attended business college in Cedar Rapids. He then secured an excellent position with a leading firm at Davenport. A few years ago he resigned from this position to return to his home in this city and immediately upon his return was engaged by J. A. Bracha as right hand man in his mercantile store. At this position he proved very efficient, and his pleasing personality attracted trade to the store. This spring Mr. Bracha decided to retire from the business and move to Cedar Rapids. Gabe remained with him until the business was entirely closed out and then began preparations for establishing a business of his own. A personal trip to Chicago with his former employer was very beneficial, in that the stock which he purchased to begin with was entirely new and up-to-date. The room at the east in

the new Z. C. B. J. building was leased, and the necessary improvements made on the interior. In a very short time the doors were thrown open to the public, and from the opening day he was given his share of the community’s patronage, and rather than let it stand here he has through consistent advertising increased the business in spite of the prevailing conditions, and also the fact that he was away from the business for some time. The fact that he places before the people of the community his goods by advertising mediums to a certain extent accounts for the increase in business which he enjoys. In the accompanying ad he gives some Christmas Gift suggestions that will attract the attention of the buying public. Keep in touch with the advertising of this concern as it will be beneficial to you, and without question will be the means of saving many dollars for you throughout the year. Quality is the first essential at this store.
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