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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Ernest Voland

ERNEST VOLAND, whose parents live at Holland, Mich., came to this city a year ago last spring to accept a position as ice cream maker for the Iowa Creamery Co. While employed here he made numerous friends and
was well satisfied with the surroundings until the fever to enter the service of his country mastered every other ambition. In company with Frank Millard they went to a recruiting office where they both enlisted in the navy. Ernest was sent to an eastern training camp, from where friends in this city, who heard from him were advised that he was enjoying the navy life and getting along nicely. Later he was taken ill with diphtheria, to which disease he succumbed at the age of twenty-three years, the sad news of which reached this city casting a gloom over the friends who knew him so well. While employed here he became a member of the local Fire Company, through whose courtesy we are permitted to reprint his picture as one of our soldier boys. His short stay in this city has made it impossible to obtain further particulars in regard to his life in camp or of his sad untimely death. The mother at the home in Michigan mourns the loss of her boy and will be unable to welcome him home now that the war, in which he was so willing to take his part, is over. Although not an Oxford boy, he enlisted from this city, and is claimed as one of our sacrifices, a golden star appearing in the service flag of the local Fire Company, in his honor.

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