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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Henry Koronda

HENRY KORONDA, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Koronda, was born on the farm near this city May 9th, 1896, where he remained and assisted with the work until he had reached the age of eighteen years. After that time he was employed more or less with his brothers and with other farmers, but always in this vicinity. He registered in this city June 5th, 1917, and received his draft call to report at Anamosa with the contingent leaving this county June 24th. He was sent to Camp Dodge, where the drills and army tactics were soon mastered and in August of this year was transferred to one of the eastern embarkation camps to board a transport for overseas, being attached to Machine Gun
Co. 349th Inft. In all probability his training in France had been completed and he was ready for the front line activities, but a letter received from him by relatives, dated November 4th, gave out the information that he had not yet been granted the privilege of facing the enemy. Whether or not he was thrown into the heavy fighting of the last few days has not been learned at this time. Nevertheless he will have some real experiences to relate when he returns to this city where he will be welcomed as one of the boys ready to do his bit for his country, and also the mother awaits the return of her soldier boy, whom she so willingly gave to serve for his flag.

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