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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Lee A. First

LEE A. FIRST, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. First, entered the service of his country with the first contingent from this county, leaving Anamosa September 21, 1917, for Camp Dodge, where he was assigned to the 4th Co. 337th Mach. Gun Bu. November 22nd he was transferred into the Aviation Section Signal Corps, located at Kelley Field No. 1, South Antonio, Texas. On January 4th, 1918, he was one of the five hundred men, who received orders to go to Vancouver, Wash., arriving at this camp January 10. March 21st he was promoted to Corporal and on May 15th, with the 85 Squadron A. S. S. C., was engaged by the Warren Spruce Co., being located during this time
at several different points. Another promotion was given him on June 1st, that of Sergeant. Later his company moved to Siemscarey, Wash., where he remained until Nov. 29th, and was then returned to Vancouver, Washington, where he will remain until returned to Camp Dodge to be mustered out of the service. Lee, who was twenty-two years of age January 30th, 1918, having registered June 5th, 1917, and as stated before was called into the service the following September with the first contingent from Jones County. His service for his country, although of long duration, has all been in the United States, which fact has relieved the mother of a great deal of worry such as has been the case with many whose boys were in the front line trenches.

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