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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Antone Weber

ANTONE WEBER, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Weber, who live just west of this city, was employed at Chicago at the time of the first registration, and although he registered he did not wait for his draft call, but enlisted December 20th, 1917, and was sent to Camp Logan, Texas, where he received the most of his training. He was later transferred to Camp Merritt, but only remained there about a week and sailed overseas the 10th of May, 1918. The parents received a card from the headquarters at Washington announcing his safe arrival and then it was some time before they had any news from him. Later in a letter to them he explained that he had been on the move so much of the time that it was almost impossible to write letters, and out of
the question to expect any mail. He has not only seen a lot of France but experienced considerable front line trench activity. His unusual height, measuring six feet seven inches, has placed his name in the limelight several times. Just recently his picture, in company with a companion, who measured five feet four inches, appeared in one of the Chicago papers. Antone reached his twenty-eighth birthday January 5th, 1918. Considerable of his life has been spent in this immediate vicinity, although several times he has been engaged elsewhere for intervals of short duration.

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