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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Ed Burda

ED BURDA, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burda, of this city, answered the draft summons of September 19th, 1917, and reported at Anamosa, from which place he was immediately sent to Camp Dodge to begin his training as one of Uncle Sams fighting men. The Sunday before Thanksgiving of that year he was granted a furlough and visited here with his parents. Upon his return to camp orders were received for the transferring of his company to Camp Pike, Ark. While at this camp he was confined to the hospital for four months, the trouble from which he was suffering requiring a very delicate operation. When able to be about again he was sent to Camp Merritt, N. J., August 15th, of this
year. Only a short time was spent here and the division of which he was a member departed for overseas, the trip being made safely. Owing to his not being sufficiently recovered from his operation, he was not sent to the front line trenches, although the parents received a letter from him dated November 10th, stating that he was working behind the lines. Before being called into the service Ed was employed as assistant cashier at the Oxford Junction Savings Bank, which position he willingly resigned to enter the service. His entire life has been spent in this community with the exception of a short time spent at Cedar Rapids, when he was attending Business College, and the time that he has spent in the army. He celebrated his twenty-fourth birthday in France November 5th, 1918. The mother, who has worried a great deal in regard to his condition, is greatly relieved to know that it will not be necessary for him to enter the front line trenches, now that the world war has been brought to a successful ending.

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