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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Robert Pavlishta

ROBERT PAVLISHTA, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Pavlishta, was born on the farm near this city, where he grew to manhood. Almost his entire life has been spent in this community, with the exception of the time spent in the army and a short time in Canada, where he was employed. He was employed in Canada at the time of the registration June 5th, 1917, therefore failed to register, but shortly afterward he returned to this country, and to show that he had not tried to escape registration voluntarily offered his service to his country. He was taken into the army and has been doing his bit under the Stars and Stripes. A few years ago he operated a garage in this city, which was later sold and he
returned to the farm. Saturday, November 23rd, the parents received an official communication from Washington, D. C., stating that their son, Robert, had been missing in action since October 14. Whether or not this statement is true is somewhat doubted, as relatives received a letter from him dated October 18, four days after he had been reported missing, in which he told of the wounds that he had received in action, and at that time was in a Red Cross hospital. We sincerely hope that word will be received from him very soon stating that he is safe and sound. Upon his return he will be able to relate some very exciting experiences.

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