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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Edward Stuhr

EDWARD STUHR, a brother of John Stuhr, of this city, who is employed as mail carrier on route No. 2, was born in Calamus, Iowa, July 13th, 1887, having reached his thirty-first birthday last July. Although his home
has not been made in this city continuously he was for a number of years employed here. Therefore we claim him as one of our soldier boys. He was very desirous of getting in some branch of the service and felt that he could not wait until his draft call, consequently he enlisted June 1st, 1918, at Laramie, Wyoming, and was sent to Camp Lee, Virginia, where he was assigned to the Veterinary Corp. His training in this country was of very short duration as he was ordered overseas during the month of July only a little over a month after having enlisted. The voyage overseas was safely made and since arriving in the foreign country has been actively engaged in connection with the Veterinary Hospital Corp No. 8, of which he was a member. Unfortunately his services in France will be required for some time. We were unable to obtain a photo of his mother to reprint herewith.

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