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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Chas. L. Wosoba

CHAS. L. WOSOBA, the son of Geo. A. Wosoba, of this city, was born April 26th, 1895. With the exception of a few years, he spent most of his time in this city. A couple of years ago he attended business college at Cedar Rapids and upon completing the course applied at Washington for a position in the Government offices. His application was finally accepted and on the 3rd of January, 1917, departed for that place to take up his new position. He was well pleased with the work and was making good, but when this country was made a part of the great war, the demand for men for overseas duty was such that he could not withstand the call to the colors, therefore enlisted in the Engineers Depot Brigade as Department Clerk, and resigned
his position November 10, 1917. He was sent to Camp Devens, Mass., and sailed for France January 3rd of this year. He enjoyed the voyage across the submarine infested ocean and upon arriving in France was assigned to clerical work in the Chemical Warfare Service, which place he continues to fill. In writing home he states that he has had the opportunity of visiting Paris on four different occasions. The mother, Mrs. Emma Wosoba, from whose photo the above picture is taken, died several years ago and can only view her son with pride from her Heavenly Home.

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