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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Will Powlishta

WILL POWLISHTA, another son of the above mother, was called into the service of his country in the July draft, reporting at Anamosa the 25th of that month and was sent to Camp Dodge to receive his training as a
soldier. He mastered the army tactics to such an extent that in a short while he was sent to one of the eastern camps, from where he sailed overseas, making the trip safely as announced in the official communication from Washington. From such information as is at hand we learn that he was actively engaged in the heavy fighting in the St. Mihiel sector, which occurred during the month of September. At the present time the mother has not heard from him for about three months and we are unable to give any definite information in regard to his present whereabouts. Will, who was born in this city November 6th, 1890, at the time of his draft call, was engaged in buying furs, hides, etc., at this place, a business in which he was being very successful, but which he willing left.

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