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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Oxford Junction
Savings Bank
THE Oxford Junction Savings Bank, the display ad of which appears on this same page, is one of the old institutions in this city although having been organized under the present name in the year 1901. Before that time it was known as the Oxford Junction Bank, operated by J. E. Carter. The Oxford Junction Savings Bank was organized August 27th, 1901, and began business October 1st, of the same year, with a paid in capital of $15,000. Besides the directors and officers chosen at that time, which included a number of the prominent business men in the city and substantial farmers, F. H. Shimanek was chosen as the cashier, which position he continues to hold, and to him to a considerable extent is due the rapid growth of the bank.
The directors of the bank include Frank Burda, president; Geo. A. Wosoba, the vice-president, and A. Stratilek, Henry Shimerda, Geo. Norton, H. H. Petersen and the cashier, F. H. Shimanek. Miss Helen Wosoba is assistant cashier. They also have one star in the service flag in honor of Ed Burda, assistant cashier, who was one of the first registrants drawn into service.
The Bank Building is located on the corner of Fifth avenue and Broadway, the same being their location since being organized, and where the building was at one time destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt and two years ago some very extensive improvements were made both on the interior of the building and exterior. The old brick, which had been used in the construction were replaced by hard faced brick, and the banking rooms were remodelled and enlarged, giving more room for the office as well as the addition of a large directors’ room, which in itself is very convenient. Also a new vault, Victor Safe and customers’ safe deposit boxes were added.
As will be noted in the display ad appearing on this page, the bank is again this year

arranging for their Christmas Banking Club, a feature which was used last year it being a decided success.
From the very start this bank has been not only active but enthusiastic in their support of all war activities. The majority of the officers and directors are members of the Jones County War Service Council and Cashier Shimanek has served on the local registration board for the soldiers, has assisted a large number of registrants in answering Questionnaires, served as local fuel administrator, and taken an active part in all the farewell exercises given in honor of our soldier boys going to training camps. The bank has handled over $175,000.00 worth of
Liberty Bonds and about $25,000.00 worth of War Savings Stamps. It has established a service record in connection with the war to which it can point with pride.
Legal notice appears in this issue according to which this bank will in the near future submit a proposition to its stockholders to increase the capital stock from Fifteen Thousand to Fifty Thousand Dollars with a paid in surplus of Five Thousand Dollars. The growing business has made it necessary to enlarge their capital, and with resources of over $400,000.00 they will now be in position to take care of any legitimate demand in the banking field and will undoubtedly continue to make a good substantial growth.
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