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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

John Shimanek

IN JULY, 1917, John Shimanek, a brother of Victor Shimanek, who gave his life in the service, enlisted in the Iowa State University Ambulance Corp, resigning an excellent position with the Monticello State Bank, of Monticello, to get into the service. He was sent to Allentown, Pa., where he received his early training and remained there until January 1918, when he sailed for overseas. Upon his arrival in France he was immediately attached to a French Division, where he remained during the duration of the war. Although not in the front line trenches, his entire time has been spent behind the lines, many times being under heavy fire. It was here that he was slightly wounded, which necessitated spending some time in a hospital, and received the French Croix de Guerre for rescuing a wounded companion while under heavy fire. He quickly recovered from the wounds and was sent back to his division. He was among the first from this city to go overseas and has seen several months of service. John, like his brother, spent almost his entire life in this community. He graduated from the local high school in 1913. A year or two later he entered the Iowa State University and it was during his second year in the University that the position as bookkeeper was offered him by the Monticello State Bank, which he accepted, and where he was making good when our country was participated into the world war, and he offered his services by enlisting. The mother, Mrs. Chas. Shimanek, passed away at the home in this city two years ago, shortly after the new home had been established. Her death came too soon for her to feel the mother’s pride in her two soldier boys, and to know that one of her sons died as a hero for his country on the field of battle.

update: Relatives in this city have received word from John Shimanek stating that he is with the American Army on the march to Berlin.

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