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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

The War Service Council

To be effective, the work in the “rear line trenches” must necessarily have been just as well organized as was the organization in the front ranks. Without organized effort by the citizenry at home, the soldiery at the front must necessarily have suffered in more ways than one. Real early in the activities for the prosecution of the war, Jones county, as a county, was organized--and subsequent procedure convinced all that it was well organized. The First Liberty Loan issue was floated largely by the banks of the county absorbing an allotment in proportion to their capital stock and surplus. But the first bond issue was small in comparison to the later issues, and it was readily realized that subsequent issues must be parceled out in a way that would be equitable, just, and still insistent insofar as those who might not be disposed to do their full duty was concerned. Hence the organization of the War Service Council—not alone in Jones county, but in other counties and states of the Union. The first really organized effort put forth was in solicitation for the initial Red Cross fund of One Hundred Millions of dollars. The south half of Jones county, comprising sixteen counties, started out to raise its share of $15,000 in contributions. Instead of this amount, about $38,000 was actually subscribed—an amount sufficient to pay our proportion of the Red Cross contribution, also the Y. M. C. A. fund, which came a short while later, and leave a substantial surplus of about $23,000 to take care of future calls. In addition, the directors of the work in this section saw fit to donate a Red Cross ambulance costing $1200, to the work in France, and this ambulance, labeled as a donation from the south half of Jones County, Iowa, did duty “over there” for more than a year. The south half of the county was organized, and thoroughly organized for this work, and in Oxford township, the men who took part in this campaign were largely the ones who participated in future war activities. The really effective organization, however, was completed at the opening of the Second Liberty Loan floatation. George L. Schoonover, of Anamosa, was appointed as county chairman. In each township of the county, he in turn appointed Township Captains. In Oxford, this appointment came to E. A. Grimwood, and future activities brought out the proof that the appointment was well made. He proved himself a tireless, fearless worker; all the while with a full realization of the magnitude of the task and the necessity for its being accomplished. Associated with him, as members of the township War Service Council, were the following men, everyone of whom worked tirelessly, conscientiously, and willingly: E A. Grimwood, Captain; F. H. Shimanek, S. E. McClure, Frank Burda, W. C. Field, Frank Pavelka, Frank Shimerda, L. F. Zeller, E. E. Phillips, Frank Kenney, Emerson Cave, C. L. Huffaker, O. A. Gable, John Mulvihill, A. Stratilek, C. N. Hayden, H. A. Owen. The tasks which these men undertook, and which they accomplished by their tireless energy, were big indeed. In the matters which were presented to them, it was no small task to adjust every assessment equitably, and yet but little has ever been heard by way of complaint because of unfairness. If such resulted, it was not because of intent to do so, but because of unfamiliarity with facts and figures which were not always willingly given by the parties most interested, or which could not be obtained by any records or information at hand. Each one was asked to buy or give in accordance with their means only, and it was not the intent to levy an unjust or unfair burden on anyone. As a consequence, the issues of Liberty Bonds and contributions to the various charities have been pretty evenly distributed in this township, and but little is heard by way of complaint of the manner of its doing.

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