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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Dave Benischek

DAVE BENISCHEK, another son of Mr. and Mrs. John Benischek, of this city, was born December 1st, 1893, being two years older than his brother, Ed, who also served his country. A peculiar incident in regard to
these two boys is the fact that Dave was called into the service three months after his brother was called, but has been sent to France, while the latter still remains in one of the camps in this country. Dave was called in the July 25th draft and reported at Anamosa with the other boys from this township. He was immediately sent to Camp Gordon, Ga., where he remained but a short time and was transferred to Camp Merritt, N. J., from which place he sailed overseas. It is thought that with the other boys in the same camp, he was sent to France to complete his training. At the present time several letters have been received from him although none bearing date after the war ceased. No doubt he completed his training in time to get into some of the activities during the closing days.

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