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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Gilbert H. Henak

GILBERT H. HENAK, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Henak, of this city, was born on a farm in Hale Township, February 4th, 1896. It was here that he first attended school. Later the family moved to this city and he entered the local schools. A few years ago he went to Davenport, where he entered Browns Business College, from which he graduated in 1914. A large concern at Aberdeen, S. Dak. offered him an excellent position which he accepted, but after working at this place for some time resigned to accept a like position at Hills, Minn. It was at this place that the fever to get into the service of his country mastered him and
he enlisted in the navy, being sent at once to the Great Lakes Training Station, and was assigned the work of typist or stenographer. A few months ago he enjoyed a furlough at his home in this city, when he stated that he was very much pleased with the work that he was doing. After returning to the training station he was sent to the eastern coast and assigned to a warship, which departed for overseas and arrived in France the 30th day of May. This was his first voyage across the ocean, but he made more trips since that time without a doubt. The mother has received word from him since the hostilities in the foreign countries ceased, knowing that he is safe and well. Undoubtedly he will remain in the service for some time.

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