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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Herman Miller

HERMAN MILLER, the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Miller, of this city, made the supreme sacrifice for his country, giving up his life at Camp Custer, Mich., where he was stationed with his company receiving the training necessary before being sent to the far away fields of battle, the cause of his death being a severe attack of pneumonia, which followed a siege of Spanish Influenza. Herman was born June 17th, 1891, at the farm home three miles southeast of this city, and died October 10th, 1918, at Camp Custer, Mich., at the age of twenty-seven years. A message was received in this city stating that he was seriously ill a few days previous to his death, and his brother, John, hurried to his bedside and was
with him when Death came as stated above. The remains were brought to this city and interment made in the Mayflower cemetery, where the members of the Home Guards honored their fallen hero by firing a salute over his grave and the playing of Taps. Although he never reached the fields of battle, he was not ready for that conflict and Fate claimed him before that time came. Herman grew to manhood in this community, where he has always lived with the exception of sixteen months, during which time he was employed at Lyons, Neb., from which place he entered the army June 24, 1917. He spent two months at Ft. Riley, Kansas, then being assigned to a medical corp, and on August 11th was transferred to Camp Custer, Mich., where he remained until the time of his death. About the first of September he suffered an attack of appendicitis, which necessitated an operation and he had not fully recovered from the operation when he was taken ill with the Spanish Influenza, which quickly developed into pneumonia, this disease claiming our young soldier hero, who will be missed from this community, even though his name is represented on our service flag by a golden star, denoting that he has made the supreme sacrifice. The mother was also called upon to make a big sacrifice.

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