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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Henry Benhart

LABOR Day, September 2nd, of the year just closing, the Volunteer Fire Company gave a big celebration in this city and at the same time a patriotic farewell program was given in honor of the boys who were called in the draft of that date, among whom was Henry Benhart, who after only six weeks service for the Government passed away at the army camp of pneumonia, following an attack of the Spanish Influenza, which disease claimed so many of America’s young manhood at that time, ere they had the opportunity of completing their training preparatory to going overseas. He was one of the three boys from this city who died of the dread disease the same day. Upon reporting at Anamosa, Henry was sent
to Camp Dodge, where he was very much interested in the army work and was progressing nicely, when he was called upon to make the supreme sacrifice. Although he never reached the battlefields of France his sacrifice is none the less great, for he gave his all for his country. Henry, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Benhart, Sr., was born at the farm home southwest of this city December 13th, 1896, and died at Camp Dodge, Thursday, October 10, 1918, at the age of twenty-one years. The remains were escorted to this city by one of his company companions and funeral services were conducted Tuesday forenoon, October 15th, by the Masonic Lodge, of which he was a member. The body was then taken to the Mayflower cemetery, where short services were held and a firing squad of the Home Guard company fired a farewell salute and taps was played for the departed hero. His untimely death was a shock to the entire community, where he had spent his life and had gathered around him a large number of friends. The mother although grief-stricken by the death of her boy, can well be proud for he made the supreme sacrifice, and his name, which is represented on our service flag by a golden star, will live through ages.

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