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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Elby Leslie

ELBY LESLIE, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Leslie, of Oxford Mills, was called in the July draft, and reported with the boys from this township at Anamosa July 25th, 1918. He was sent immediately to Camp Gordon,
Atlanta, Ga., where he remained for some time fitting himself for oversea duties in Uncle Sams army. Later his company was transferred to a camp in Florida, from which place they were sent to Camp Hill, Va., ready to depart for the battle fields across the ocean. The last letter received by the parents, dated the 11th of November stated that they were about ready to board one of the transports, and the fact that no other word has been received from him, it is thought that his company was sent overseas. Elby reached his 22nd birthday June 4th, 1918. He registered in the first draft June 5th, 1917, having become of age the day before the registration. We are unable to print herewith a picture of his mother, who anxiously awaits the return of her soldier boy to the home at Oxford Mills, where his entire life has been spent, with the exception of the past few months in the service of his country, and a short time that he was employed elsewhere. Undoubtedly he will be returned home before long.

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