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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Clifford C. Jones

CLIFFORD C. JONES, whose name appears among those from this community as having been called into the service of his country, is one of the young men who willingly answered his summons, although it
necessitated his leaving at home on the farm near Hale, his wife, who is anxiously awaiting his return from overseas, now that the war is practically over. He was a member of the contingent that left this country in the draft of July 25th. Although, perhaps not considered as one of Oxford Township’s boys, he makes this city his home town and is claimed as one of our soldiers. Upon reporting at Anamosa, he was sent to Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga. After only a little over a month’s training he was ordered to depart for overseas with his company, arriving in England the latter part of September. He remained in England only a short time and was soon in France, where without a doubt he has been giving a good account of himself. It is not known in just what sector he was engaged, although he has been in the front line trenches. We have been unable to obtain a picture of this young man’s mother.

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