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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

The Fern Theatre
THE FERN THEATRE, whose display ad appears on this page, is located in the new Z. C. B. J. lodge building on Broadway, which was erected only two years ago. The theatre was built expressly for a moving picture theatre, being arranged fire-proof throughout, with a spacious stage, which allows of the production of some very high class plays, as well as the regular program of pictures, which are shown regularly during the year on Saturday and Sunday evenings.
When the building was first completed the theatre was leased and equipped by L. W. Sley and Jos. Hovlik, Jr., who continued to operate same for a period of one year. A change was then made as Frank Hodoval purchased the interest of L. W. Sley. Since that time the theatre has been under the management of Hovlik & Hodoval, who have tried at all times to give their patrons a class of programs that is not even excelled in the city picture theatres.
A few months ago a movement was started to have an honor roll at the theatre, which proved very successful, as they now show at each program pictures of many of the boys who are now in the service. A matter in connection with the war activities of the managers of this theatre worthy of mention is the fact that they have often donated the use of the theatre to the Red Cross, and other meetings pertaining to war programs. This has been done freely and willingly. The programs at their theatre are such that they should enjoy a very liberal patronage. Watch the columns of the Mirror each week for the announcement of their programs.

Jos. Kulhavy, Jr.
AMONG the pure bred stock raisers in this part of the state, Jos. Kulhavy, Jr., whose display ad appears on this page, is considered one of the best. He was born and raised on an Iowa farm, where he created

the love for good live stock, establishing in his early years of farming the motto, “The best is the cheapest,” which he retains to the present day. His big farm is located just south of this city, where in 1905 he laid the foundation for the shorthorn herd that he now owns, with two pure bred cows and a good bull. By keeping all the heifers in the herd and occasionally purchasing new blood lines he now has a herd of over fifty pure bred cattle. He fully realizes that the day has come when scrub stock is not profitable on high priced Iowa land.
In 1909 he purchased his first pure bred Big Type Poland Chinas, and since that time this line has made a wonderful
improvement. Uncle Sam says to produce more beef and pork and this stock raiser believes in doing this by improving his herd in using pure bred sires. The same with his poultry. He raised only the pure bred Barred Plymouth Rocks, conceded to be the beat all round chickens.
Many of the farmers should profit by Mr. Kulhavy’s experience in raising more oats to the acre, by using the Iowa 103 Seed Oats, the sensational oats of the corn belt, which he claims have yielded on his farm from 80 to 90 bushels per acre. Read the accompanying ad, in which you will find some stock and grain which is being offered for sale at the present time. Buy now.
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