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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Charles Lenfeld

CHARLES LENFELD, a brother of the above Oxford boy, was also born in Bohemia and came to this country with his father when but eight years of age. For many years his home was made with Mr. and Mrs. John
Wosoba. At the beginning of America’s activities in the world war, he was employed at Gary, Indiana, and while there he decided to get into some branch of the service for his country. He enlisted before the registration and was with Pershing’s first army that went overseas being a member of the Rainbow Division, which saw some of the heaviest fighting in France. No word has been received from him by anyone since leaving the United States, which has been regretted very much as many friends in this city have anxiously awaited some news from him. Charles and also his brother, Joe, came to this country with their father just after the death of their mother. The father after being in this city for a short time brooded so much over the death of his wife that his mind became unbalanced, and the two small boys were given homes as mentioned above. The father passed away last spring, and aside from the friends, and those who so kindly provided homes for them, they have no near relatives to await their return.

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