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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Ed Buresh

ED BURESH, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Buresh, was born on the farm near this city August 14th, 1886, where his entire life was spent until the family moved to this city about a year ago. He was one of the boys from this township who was called in the draft of September 5th, and upon reporting at Anamosa was sent to Camp Dodge, Iowa, where he was assigned to Co. 50 13th B. N. 165th Depot Brigade. Before leaving this city with the other boys of the contingent, he was honored by a public farewell meeting in connection with the Labor Day celebration held in this city on September 2nd. At Camp Dodge he was busily engaged learning the army tactics, but remained here only a short time, as he was transferred to Camp Forrest,
Georgia, and immediately assigned to the 3rd Co. 1st Forestry Replacement B. N. This order to move to the southern camp was just to his liking as he thought it was one step nearer to the battlefields of France, but he was due to disappointment as the ceasing of the war hostilities in the foreign country found him stationed at the same camp, from which he perhaps will be mustered out of the service. His service in the army, although of very short duration has shown rapid advancement, and if permitted to get to the front line trenches would have given a good account of himself.

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