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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Attorney E. L. Magruder
ATTY. Evard Lynn Magruder, whose ad appears in connection herewith, was born at the farm home of his parents in Jefferson County, West Virginia, where he remained until eighteen years of age. About this time his ambition was to secure a higher education than the rural schools afforded. The objections of the parents, who wanted him to remain on the farm, were of no avail, and he entered the Shepherd College, at Shepherdstown, W. Va. It was necessary for him to work his way through the college, but being determined to do this, the vacations found him employed at such positions as he could find. While at this college he was employed during the vacations as conductor and motorman for a street railway Co., in Washington, D. C. He graduated from the Academic Course in the spring of 1910, and in the fall entered the Valparaiso University, and graduated therefrom with the degree of Bachelor of Law in 1912. Lack of funds made it very hard for him to secure his education, but with an unfaltering determination he succeeded in accomplishing his purpose. It was then necessary to again find employment to secure money with which to set himself up in the law business. Much of this time was spent in this state, and in 1914 he returned to Indiana and was admitted to the Bar. He then went to Knox, Indiana, and formed a partnership with another lawyer, the firm name being Robbins & Magruder. In 1915 he decided to come to Iowa and therefore disposed of his practice in Indiana. In looking for a suitable location, he came to Oxford Junction, and shortly had his library and other office furniture moved here. He opened a law office in this city in July of that year, and since that time has enjoyed a good business in the law practice as well as the insurance and real estate business.
The fact that Mr. Magruder has worked his way through college under the most trying difficulties is worthy of mention. Few young men of the present day have the courage or ambition to face such hardships to secure a higher education than that afforded by the public schools. His untiring efforts along his particular line of endeavor are commendable. It necessitated making many sacrifices and every vacation found him laboring to finance his next years schooling. His efforts, which mark those of a self made man, are now being awarded in the shape of an excellent practice in this city and surrounding country.
On July 21st, 1916, he was united in marriage to Miss Mabel Maxine Henderson, of Lost Nation; of this union, they are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby girl which occurred December 1st, of this year.
Mr. Magruder is now duly acting as Mayor of this city, also assistant member of the legal advisory board, local field examiner of War Risk Insurance, and a member of the Lawyers Committee on War Service. His display ad on this page should demand your perusal, as it will give you a fair idea of the extensiveness of his business. He invites you to call at his office in this city, which is located on west Broadway, whether or not you are in need of his services.

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