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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Esbon Heath

ESBON HEATH, who at one time was one of the business men in this city, having been associated with his father in the restaurant business, recently purchased by L. W. Sley, was very anxious to get into the service, and as his draft call was some time distant, he obtained a release from the local draft board and enlisted in the Motor Corp. This necessitated his attending a motor school. The 25th of June, 1918, he went to Des Moines, where he entered the Government Motor School at that place. In two month’s time he had acquired the necessary knowledge demandwas finally transferred to Detroit, Mich. From this
camp he was sent to Alma, Mich., but in a week’s time was returned to Detroit. The parents in this city received a letter from him Sunday, December the 1st, which stated that he would get to Baltimore, Md., that day. Evidently the trip was being made by motor transports. Esbon, the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Heath, was born July 11, 1895, and came to this city two years ago from DeWitt, at the time of the purchase of the restaurant business, and since that time has made this city his home with the exception of the past few months which have been spent in the army. Although he did not get overseas, the work he has been doing was very essential to the winning of the war.

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