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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Leo Shirk

LEO SHIRK, another son of E. W. Shirk, of this city, was born during the month of May, 1896, at this place, where his entire life was spent up until the time he was called into the service of his country. Aside from Ed
Shedek, who really was called from Indiana, but reported from here, he was the only boy to be called from this township in the draft of May 15th. Upon reporting at Anamosa he was sent to Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, but was later transferred to Camp McArthur, Texas, to complete his training, which would have been accomplished much sooner, but owing to the fact that he had an attack of appendicitis while here and had to submit to an operation, from which he quickly recovered. After having fully regained his former strength he was sent to Camp Merritt, N. J., from where after a brief rest, he boarded a transport bound for France. The date that he started overseas was about the middle of October, therefore it is thought that he did not arrive in France in time to take an active part in the conflict. The mother of these two boys died a few years ago, leaving the husband and a number of children. Their grandfather, Mr. John Stout, one of the few remaining Civil War Veterans lives in this city and is very proud to know that two of his grandsons have done their part in defending the flag under which he so nobly fought years ago.

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