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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Jno. E. Gable
& Company
IN connection with the display ad appearing on this page for the Jno. E. Gable Lumber Co., we wish to say that never was a city the size of Oxford Junction so fortunate in having a lumber man so familiar with the business as the one who has the local management, O. A. Gable. The firm consists of Jno. E. Gable, of Cedar Rapids, and his son, O. A. Gable, of this city. The senior member can be mentioned only as a non-resident partner, although his advice along different lines is often very beneficial, as he is at the present time engaged in the lumber business at Cedar Rapids, on an extensive scale both wholesale and retail, which business he has successfully conducted for the past thirty-six years, being one of Cedar Rapids largest lumber dealers.
Twelve years ago, October 8th, 1906, the above firm purchased from Carter and Klahn, the lumber yard and stock, and also the business which they had established in this city. O. A. Gable, the junior member of the firm, was immediately placed in charge, being the only resident member and sole manager of the business. The people in this community and surrounding country have learned that he is an industrious, enterprising and reliable lumber merchant, with whom it is a pleasure to deal. The firm enjoys a most prosperous trade under his direction, and all contemplating using lumber for any purpose would do well to call upon him for estimates, as they could consult no more reliable and capable dealer. His long experience in this particular line of business, and the active part which he has taken in every undertaking which pertained to the community upbuilding, has made him an enviable reputation as a fair minded man on whose judgment one may safely rely.
In connection with the lumber business, which consists of laths, shingles, sash, doors, windows, and all other wood materials employed in the

construction of buildings and other purposes, they deal in coal and cement, and also carry a good line of wire fence, which is featured in the display ad on this page. Their stock of lumber is complete, enabling them to supply promptly to all contractors and builders at a very close figure, offering the very best inducements possible consistent with true business principles and fair dealing.
O. A. Gable has taken an active part in the work at home backing the boys in the front line trenches. At the time of the organization of the local chapter of the Red Cross, he was chosen as president, which position he still holds, and during the past two years has given considerable of his time
to the work connected therewith. He has served faithfully, not only on the local school board for several years, but also as a member of the city council. A few years ago when the new commercial club was organized he was selected as president, the duties of which office he faithfully performed until the next annual election of officers. Likewise when the War Service Board was organized he was very prompt to offer his services in that connection, which has required a great deal of time from his business.
As manager of the Jno. E. Gable Lumber Co., he may be found at the office and yards which are located on 5th ave., near the C. M. & St. P. tracks.
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