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The Soldiers' Edition of the Oxford Mirror was transcribed by Janet Brandt.

Joe M. Lasack

JOE M. LASACK, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Lasack, living east of this city, was born March 8th, 1893. His life has been spent almost entirely on the farm. He was one of the boys called from this township in the first draft of September 1917. Upon reporting at Anamosa he was sent to Camp Dodge, where he remained for two months and was then transferred to Camp Pike, Arkansas. The winter was spent at this camp where his company underwent some very severe drilling, and April 14th, of this year, were sent to Camp Greene only to remain eight days and then were ordered to Camp Mills, N. Y., where they spent about two weeks before boarding a transport for overseas. It is very
noticeable that the boys first sent overseas were obliged to remain at the embarkation camps for a longer period, waiting for the ships to carry them across, than those entering the service this year. He started overseas May 10th, his safe arrival being announced to the relatives by the officials at Washington. The fact that he arrived in France during the early months of the summer is evidence that he has seen considerable of the heavy fighting, possibly his first encounter with the enemy being in the month of September. We are sure that every time Joe went “over the top” he gave the Germans to understand that he was one of the Yankee boys fighting to defend the Stars and Stripes. The mother and many relatives of this young man anxiously await his safe return.

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